Welcome To Momiji Restaurant

Momiji serves traditional and innovative Japanese cuisine. The atmosphere is casual, with a modern and upscale design that creates a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience. Our eclectic sushi bar is paired with a full-scale Japanese kitchen offering traditional Japanese dishes as well as a full liquor bar. In our 18 year long history, Momiji Sushi Restaurant has grown to become one of the biggest Japanese dining destinations in Oregon. We invite you to join us and experience for yourself one of the finest Japanese restaurants and sushi bars around.

🌙 Fighting ebi by moonlight, Winning love by daylight, Never running from a reel fight, She is the one named Salem Moon!🌙

Salem Moon & Luna are here to tell you about two of our house rolls!

Filled with fresh avocado, smooth cream cheese, & surimi. Tempura fried, & drizzled with spicy mayo & house eel sauce.

🐈‍⬛ Luna
Filled with fresh tuna, sweet mango, & cucumber. Then topped with fresh yellowtail, sliced jalapeño, red tobiko, 7 chili spice, & ponzu sauce.

Let us know what you think of these rolls below!

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🥢 Thank you again to everyone who came to see us at the Welcome to Monmouth-Independence Celebration! 🥢

Don't forget to use those sushi card we handed out!

They expire 90 days after the date on the back and are redeemable at any of our 14 locations; including our Monmouth location!

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🥳It's the Spicy Tuna Roll!🥳

Congratulations to @lunatamimi  for being the first to guess it!

Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, & tiktok! So you never miss a chance to win.

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🍣 Here comes another #NAMETHATROLL Giveaway! 🍣

Don't blink or you might miss it!

Don’t forget! The goal is to be the first to tell us what we call this roll on our menu & then you get it for free on your next orders for a week!

Ready... Set... Go!

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We love Chi Forest! @chiforest
0 Calories and sugar-free. 
They are light, full of flavor, and extremely fizzy, compared to other sparkling drinks.
Try all 10 flavors, now available in all of our 15 locations!
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Available for a Limited Time Only! 
0 Added Sugar, 0 Trans Fat
Good Source of Protein, Calcium
Made with Premium Milk from New Zealand

The milk tea from Chi Forest will be discontinued so try it before it's no moo-re 🤨
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Momiji Press

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Jun 13, 2022

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AYCE Terms & Conditions

*Barbur, Hyacinth, Monmouth locations are excluded due to lack of dine-in space.*

$33 per person, $12 per kid ages 3-10; kids under 3 are free.

Two person minimum in order to participate AYCE.


All appetizers (except Blackened Tuna App)

All Sushi rolls.

All nigiri (except Salmon Toro)

(No sashimi; although you may order "less rice" for your nigiri orders if you like)

Chicken Katsu.

You may begin participating in AYCE up to an hour before closing.

No sharing with non-participating AYCE members.

75% of current round must be completed before submitting your next sheet.

No taking any AYCE food home for any reason.

Communicate with each other! If you are feeling full, please order less for your last round.

$12 charge per participant if 25% or more ordered items are left as excessive waste.

bts info

"BTS Special" will be available online in all stores starting 4PM - Close at the "Momiji Specials" and "Classic Rolls" Categories.

The promotion must be mentioned to the server or cashier during ordering in order to claim the deal. The rolls will not be automatically discounted if it is not mentioned.

The promotion must be mentioned to the server or cashier if the delivery order is placeed over the phone in order to claim the deal. THe rolls will not be automatically discounted if it is not mentioned.

* This promotion can't be combined with any other deals or discounts.