An Experience

Momiji began in 2004 as 5 tables and a bar in NE Salem. Since then our popularity and dedication to crafting pure, delicious sushi has led us to proudly operate 14 locations in the heart of Oregon. With our passion for creating fresh, tasty sushi every day, we know Momiji will only continue to prosper.

Meet Our President/Owner

Bruce Zhen was born and raised in a traditional Asian family. When he was 18 years old, he worked for his mother’s sushi restaurant in Salem, Oregon. Accumulating years of experience in Japanese Cuisine & the Sushi industry, Bruce became adept at providing the most exceptional customer service while maintaining an incredibly high standard for all products and procedures. In 2010, Bruce opened our Silverton Road location in Salem. With his passion for offering healthy solutions at affordable pricing he is challenging the perception of sushi, while paying homage to the experiences he’s had throughout his 18 year career. Momiji restaurant is now expanding around the State of Oregon bringing you great service & high quality cuisine.

Contact Us

Phone: 503-991-8661

E-Mail: Management@momijiinc.com